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Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Sage and Saboteurs

Everyone without exception experiences a mental battle between our Sage and our internal Saboteurs (which our grandparents referred to as our conscience). The balance resulting from this battle determines how well we perform in what we do, the quality of our interpersonal relationships, and ultimately our personal happiness..

The internal saboteurs generate in us some of the negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, doubts, anger, guilt, and shame, and if we maintain these negative emotions for a few seconds, they don't serve us well! We need to stop them!

Saboteurs frequently prompt us to:

  • Judge others and ourselves. 
  • Try to control others or the situations we encounter.
  • Say "yes" when "no" would be a better response.  
  • Procrastinate on tasks that later generate more stress. 
  • Avoid difficult conversations. 
  • Experience constant frustrations with ourselves, others, or situations. 
  • Excessive stress. 
Mental Fitness Saboteadores

Mental Fitness Program

With the Mental Fitness program I offer, you will be better prepared to respond positively rather than negatively to life situations and challenges. In just 7 weeks, you will begin to build the foundations of Mental Fitness to establish a new balance of power between your internal Saboteurs and your Sage, ultimately achieving and maintaining a high Positive Intelligence PQ.

positive intelligence quotient

Mental Fitness, based on recent findings in Neuroscience, Knowledge Psychology, Performance Sciences, and Positive Psychology, unveils a proven process to train your brain to develop the three critical mental muscles to consistently maximize your performance, interpersonal relationships, and ultimately enhance your well-being..

Bases del positive Intelligence

Immediate and sustained results through Mental Fitness 

Optimize performance 

  • Manage mental and emotional energy efficiently
  • Achieve better team collaboration
  • Enhance the ability to develop others 

Improve wellness and happiness 

  • Improve mood
  • Handle stress in a more positive way
  • Increase self-satisfaction  

Strengthen interpersonal relationships 

  • Improve conflict management skills
  • Increase empathy towards oneself and others 

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Mental Fitness

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