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Executive & Leadership 1:1 Coaching​

Coaching Ejecutivo

Through a co-creative process, I will help you identify your strengths to make them more visible, recognize the competencies that need refinement, and work with you to develop and implement strategies that maximize your potential personally and/or professionally.

I will be your strategic partner, guiding you with effective communication tools, and together, we will establish and implement robust action plans to achieve your life goals.

The 1-1 Executive Coaching service consists of a minimum work program of 6 months, of 2 sessions of a maximum of one hour per month. The program normally consists of 5 steps that are:

  • Self Awareness / Opportunity Identification
  • Discovery & Feedback 
  • Goal Setting and Planning 
  • Implementation and Monitoring 
  • Evaluation and Adjustment 

As an executive, you will observe immediate improvements in the following areas: self-awareness, building more meaningful relationships, strengthening emotional intelligence, enhancing previously identified competencies, and improving your confidence as a leader.

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